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Here’s to 2016

My New Year’s Resolution last year was to MAIL CARDS.
I can honestly say, with about 96% certainty, that I SUCCEEDED.

I’m so proud of the number of cards I sent… I had a list somewhere, and now I can’t find it.
I think it was almost 50 cards! (I missed a cousin at the very end of the year, and I kind of felt bad about that.)
Many people told me how thrilled they were to receive a card out of the blue… some didn’t acknowledge at all… and  a couple of friends sent ME cards on MY birthday. Yay.

This year I didn’t make a new year’s resolution – I thought about it… and thought about resuming sending cards… but in the end, I didn’t. So there – no cards for you, this year. Maybe next year….

My 20-year high school reunion is this year…
I went to my 10, and expected so much more. Unfortunately, I was let down – everyone was just the same. I don’t know what I expected – maybe that we had all ‘grown-up’ and moved on. I know I changed – moved away, came out of my shell, branched out…
I guess when you go to school in a small town – a lot of people stick around, still run with the high school crowd, marry their prom date… and raise their babies together. And I didn’t. (Thank goodness)
But I didn’t fit in then… I didn’t fit in 10 years ago… and I bet I won’t fit in now. I’m okay with that – I’m not likely to join those guys for the 2016 reunion, and life will go on. They won’t miss me, and I won’t miss them.
The only link we have these days is Facebook, and I’ve thought about dumping that high-school chapter altogether anyway to clean up my wall. We’ll see – might make a good new year’s resolution.

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The skinny kid

I was never “the skinny kid.”
Sometimes I envied those that were thinner, better proportioned… thinking that those people would never have the problem of finding the perfect outfit, or finding clothes that fit well.
Me and my clothes have always been a sore subject – I don’t feel like today’s clothing fits the reality of women and their bodies.
BUT that’s a whole other topic for a different post.

I’m slowly learning that ‘skinny’ doesn’t always mean things will be a good fit.
I’m the mom of a small, skinny kid. At almost 2.5 years old, I bought his new jeans in a 2T. And yesterday, I exchanged them for a size 18-24 month. The 2T length was at least 3″ too long, and as he walked, the jeans slid right off his waist!
It’s frustrating, having no idea what size to buy… because the “printed age size” isn’t always what I need – I do love the stores that add the height/weight on the label, so I can make a better decision. At this age, there’s no time or patience for dressing rooms!


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A two year old

Sean’s second birthday party was amazing – we had a lot of fun… and Mom loved using her creative juices to decorate! Thanks, Pinterest!
IMG_0630 At age 2, I’m not sure how much kids really understand what is going on; at this point, maybe it is still more for the parents and families.
Sean did say “Oh Wow” and “Oh Boy” a couple of times while opening his gifts… maybe it was just the thought of seeing new things?

This kid never ceases to amaze me – he continues to talk, sing and learn new things all the time. I add new words from around the house every week- in the garage, we’ve accomplished car, stroller, bike, ladder, steps and door… we’re working on refrigerator now.
He has a newfound love for Little Baby Bum videos on YouTube. They have videos stacked back to back featuring The Wheels on the Bus, ABC, London Bridge, This Old Man… and even a few I haven’t heard of. He sings along -sort of- to the ABC song… and when I try to sing with him, he waves me away and says nooo. It’s just hilarious.

Speaking of YouTube, I always swore I’d never let my kid play with my phone. But these days, I let him watch videos for a little while each day. They videos are previewed, and I’m not worried about what he’s watching – maybe he’s learning new things… learning a little about technology at a young age…. giving Mom and Dad just a bit of extra quiet time/sanity… just as long as it doesn’t go overboard – I think we’re okay.








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Highchairs and More

When deciding on a highchair for your child – please consider one with a removable seat pad.
My kid dropped, spilled, hid every kind of food you can imagine – and yours will, too! Having the ability to remove the seat pad and toss it in the washer is a must – I cannot imagine what our highchair would look like (or smell like)… my kid was even one of the bright ones that likes to wipe his mouth on the seat pad behind him!

We decided on the full sized highchair to keep in our kitchen.
We have the Graco DuoDiner (purchased at Target) – I was impressed that it could later become a booster seat, and that it had various height adjustments. Also having the two-part removable tray is convenient if you need a quick clean up, but don’t want to let the kid loose yet!
I’ve been pretty pleased with it, though it does take up some room… and we have to move it to go out to the deck, or sweep… or have guests at our kitchen table.

We also have this Fisher Price booster seat/travel high chair. I really love the way it folds up for easy storage and carrying. We haven’t used it as much as I thought we would… but it is something we’ll have for a while longer.
Just think – some of those restaurant high chairs aren’t in the best shape… and I don’t really want to think about when or if they are cleaned regularly. I’m not a neat freak, but having a kid definitely makes you think about germs more!

On Germs:
Target Up & Up disinfectant wipes (around the house – for books and toys)
Johnson’s Baby Hand & Face wipes (for on the go)
and even though they don’t disinfect, I’m now one of those moms that carries baby wipes in my purse! You just never know….

Thinking back about products I loved… I realized how many great things I received as gifts that were great at the time… and still are great… but I feel like I really didn’t get the greatest use out of them.
My kid only liked his pack n play when he couldn’t roll over. We had the little napper on top, and he spent many naps there. We always used the changer part when changing him downstairs- which was super convenient to have. (We still use the changer part now, at almost 2 years old.)
Once Sean could roll over, and then stand… it was all over for the pack n play! He felt confined, and didn’t like it at all. We used it a handful of times to keep him contained for a few minutes… but most times, he cried and thought it was punishment. Sigh.

Our baby swing was so cool – it had lullabies, 5 different swing speeds and soft fabric… definitely PLUSH compared to the one I had as a kid! Sadly, we only used it for 6-8 months, when the kid just wasn’t interested anymore!

*Three cents from the Unlikely Mommy Blogger


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