Tolerant Friends

Since my last post, I have now lost a third Facebook friend.
Bye Felicia!

Because I am a “resourceful shit,” as my friend Amy has called me, I’ve figured out who the three friends are.
Guess what they all have in common?! Democrats, left-leaning. But they are tolerant – all inclusive… and can’t handle it when things don’t go their way.

A friend of mine reminded her Facebook friends of a bumper sticker that was somewhat popular in 2008. With the Obama logo in the O’s – “He won. Get Over It.”
Same goes true for this election- there is nothing you can do but move on. You can think whatever you want, you can be upset, you can be against the results – regardless, Trump is now our president for at least the next 4 years. You can let it consume you, or you can go on with your daily life and hope for the best.
I hope the Trump presidency will be everything I hope it will be; only time will tell.

Now, on to the Felicias –
(1. Tara – high school acquaintance. Open Hillary supporter. I can’t remember the last time I saw her, and since I’m not planning to attend any high school reunions any time soon… I probably won’t see her again for quite a while.

(2. Joey the mommy blogger. Self-proclaimed Feminist. Trump hater.
This one is kind of sad to me- I had read a post she’d written last week, dogging the small town where she grew up. She said life there was a dead end street, and you’re likely to end up barefoot and pregnant if you stay there. She got quite a few negative responses in her comments!
Many of my friends grew up in a small town- some stayed, some chose to leave. I don’t think that choosing to stay makes you any less of a person – it doesn’t define your self worth. I was working on a letter to her in my head, but I never made it to the keyboard… and I guess now it doesn’t much matter.

(3. A cousin through marriage, Henry. This one kind of surprised me- I don’t even know what to think of it. Guess we’ll have FUN at Thanksgiving.

If you feel the need to unfriend people, I think you should do so. I actually prefer the “hide” function, so that when you come to your senses – or get over being mad, you can easily get back to the way things were. Unfriending is so permanent, and you can bet I won’t accept a return friend request from these three anytime soon.
I didn’t unfriend anyone during the campaigning or election – in fact, I only have one person ‘hidden’ – and it’s just because every post is “Like and Share if you love your Mom!” or something of the sort.
I do suspect that most of my family has my ‘hidden.’ Many of you know that I RARELY post a pic of my kid on Facebook – I think he has 4 pictures online in 3.5 years. I posted his Halloween picture, and not one family member ‘liked’ it. Think I have a good case?! (At least my moms love me- LOL.)
Those ‘tolerant’ (all-inclusive) friends and family members don’t wish to be bothered with my thoughts, updates and pictures, but you never know when you might miss out on something cool.

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