Election thoughts…

The results of the election were announced very early yesterday morning – Tuesday night, I went to bed about 10:30, and finally turned off the television to go to sleep around 12:45 a.m. Still no decision then, so I hoped for the best and planned to wait until morning.
Steven woke up some time in the 2:00-hour… went downstairs, turned on the TV, to see Donald Trump giving his victory speech. Steven woke me up to tell me the news, and for the next two hours, I slept more soundly than I had the entire night.

A Trump victory is exactly what we were hoping for.
I usually don’t write about politics – I keep it off of Facebook mostly, unless I like/react to a friend’s post.
My friends know I’m a Republican and mostly Conservative on the issues. I voted for DJT first because I care about the small business I work for. The past seven years have been increasingly difficult, as I see other small businesses fold, or begin to buy less product. Our B2B sales have suffered, hence my commission also suffered.
Second, the passing of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Since my small business has way under 50 employees, they don’t offer health insurance – they aren’t required to. Our owner IS gracious enough to contribute $150 per month toward our individually purchased health insurance, but not having a large group to create a plan, it’s very difficult to find a good affordable plan!
My plan has ‘ended’ twice; so every year I have had to choose a new plan… with a higher deductible, and a higher price. (2016 = $838.00/month with $3800 deductible … up next, 2017 = $917/month, co-pay only plan… deductible $7600) Insurance strikes a nerve with me, and I have often been upset about it. I had to vote against the ACA and hope for it’s repeal and replacement with something that will work much better!
I need the economy to improve- for jobs to stay here in America… for a chance that my small business will grow, and the employees can once again be successful and not struggle to make ends meet!

When Obama won, I was upset – I feared for what the future held. Everyone said, “Get Over It!” I didn’t care for his views, but apparently the majority of America did… so I kept my mouth shut, and went on with it.┬áIt’s different when things don’t go your way, though – and some Democrats are making it well known!

I’ve found myself spending less time on Facebook because of the election results- the ‘tolerant left’ suddenly seems riddled with hate and mean words, and I read silly stories about students who can’t attend class because they are so upset. Friends and acquaintances are arguing over the results, and unfriending each other for political differences. I don’t remember this kind of stuff going on 4 years ago!! I miss seeing pictures of your pets and kids!
I’ve lost two Facebook friends in the past two days, and I haven’t really said a word! I don’t think I’ve ever unfriended someone for political reasons – I have many liberal/democrat friends, and I like them very much (regardless of their political views). So be it – maybe I should post something political; I’ve been meaning to clean up my friends list anyway!

I’m excited to continue to raise my son under Trump’s presidency –
What will I tell him? I will correct his language when need be, and explain to him how philanthropy and entrepreneurship are cornerstones of being successful.
I will teach him that lying, cheating, killing and corruption is wrong – and only hope that I do a great job instilling values and qualities that I believe in.

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