The times…

Last night, SB and I were trying to figure out if we’d ever been to Carrabba’s. I don’t really know what got us on the subject… but SB remembered someone had told him that Carrabba’s was an “upscale Olive Garden.”
I was pretty sure we’d been there years ago… but couldn’t recall what we’d eaten, or if we enjoyed it. Alas – the search feature on the trusty old blog!
Yes, we have in fact, been to Carrabba’s – in 2004, with some old Tri-Cities buddies. I didn’t write much about it, but as far as I can tell… we only went to the bar for drinks- and possibly an appetizer.

While perusing the results of our question – I was once again reminded of the days when I wrote somewhat-lengthy posts, and had more random thoughts to write about. I still have random thoughts, so many years later… but I question – who wants to read them? does anyone read them? and do I really want them out in the open?!

A few months ago, I wrote about the “50 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice” that I hoped to publish. Well, now I have NINE things. My friend is now due in 3 weeks, and honestly, I think she’ll meet her baby boy before then.
I decided not to give her the list – or even make mention of it – I’m no expert… I’ve only been a mom for three years. I can only tell you the things I’ve learned, and what worked for me – every parent is different…. so I’ll just keep out. Maybe someday I will finish it, and post it here – if one piece of advice gets used; it’s worth it.

Sean turned three about 5 weeks ago- we had his party ON his birthday.
I was thrilled for a beautiful sunny day, because we booked a pavilion at a nearby park (with no refunds for rain). We only had 6 kids plus Sean, but it was really perfect – not overwhelming, and manageable. Mostly girls were in attendance – Sean sure is the ladies man, I guess!

Having a party at a park is good and bad…
-You don’t have to entertain the kids – with a huge playground, and a duck pond (I brought bread) – the kids were easily entertained.
-No one is in your HOUSE!
-You have to carry everything you could possibly need to the park
-You have to keep food covered and cold/hot
-You have to clean up and take everything home with you

Speaking of parks, my next goal is to make some short reviews of parks in our area. We have visited several, and I’d love to share my thoughts on them.

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