The Penny Pincher vs The Unlikely Mommy Blogger

The Penny Pincher
My friends know that I love to save money where and when I can.
I’ve been doing online surveys since 2006, and for the most part, know the ins and outs on how to make a little bit of extra cash with them. Sure – I’m not getting rich doing it, but that extra $10 or $20 here and there is fun to get.
Lately, my favorites are Target gift cards and Amazon gift cards. My weekly goal is to redeem at least one $5 gift card to Target – it’s not much, but these days, every little bit counts. Amazon gift cards are a little more scarce, but I love the ability to save them in my account and let them accumulate for a larger purchase. I’ve bragged to some friends about purchasing the kid’s birthday and Chanukah gifts solely with Amazon gift cards – and sometimes even had some funds left over to buy for my niece and some cousins!

Last weekend at Target I had $10.25 in coupons… plus my Cartwheel savings… 5% red card discount… and survey gift cards – I felt so smart. And then of course, I uploaded my receipts to my random sites that give cash back. Yay.
Once, a woman behind me in line asked me if I was ‘extreme couponing’ – I laughed and said, no… just lots of research and my shopping list.
I certainly don’t need 6 bottles of mustard – but if I have a coupon for shampoo, I’m going to buy it even if I don’t need it right away – it’ll get used. And used at $1.00 off the regular price!

The Unlikely Mommy Blogger
I’ve fallen down on “the job” of posting my thoughts about kids and babies… I have good ideas in my head sometimes, but they don’t always make it onto the keyboard!
A friend is having a baby boy in July, and said she is willing to accept any and all advice from various sources – As something fun, I started writing a Word doc titled “50 pieces of unsolicited advice,” but so far I only have 6 things. Geez. I feel like there is so much to say…

We’re loosely working on potty training right now. Some days it’s easier said than done. We have had some success, and I think the kid understands the concept… but I also think sometimes he is distracted or lazy.
I’ve read a few tips and tricks, including how to reward your child for using the toilet. Jellybeans, M&M’s, stickers, etc… my kid likes stickers okay, but isn’t a fan of candies.
So far, nickels are working pretty good – he just loves putting nickels in his bank! Thank goodness my husband saves his change – I went through some, and found 25 nickels to keep upstairs for when we need them. The kid is definitely smart – the idea of money appeals to him so much more than candy and stickers.

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