The skinny kid

I was never “the skinny kid.”
Sometimes I envied those that were thinner, better proportioned… thinking that those people would never have the problem of finding the perfect outfit, or finding clothes that fit well.
Me and my clothes have always been a sore subject – I don’t feel like today’s clothing fits the reality of women and their bodies.
BUT that’s a whole other topic for a different post.

I’m slowly learning that ‘skinny’ doesn’t always mean things will be a good fit.
I’m the mom of a small, skinny kid. At almost 2.5 years old, I bought his new jeans in a 2T. And yesterday, I exchanged them for a size 18-24 month. The 2T length was at least 3″ too long, and as he walked, the jeans slid right off his waist!
It’s frustrating, having no idea what size to buy… because the “printed age size” isn’t always what I need – I do love the stores that add the height/weight on the label, so I can make a better decision. At this age, there’s no time or patience for dressing rooms!


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