A two year old

Sean’s second birthday party was amazing – we had a lot of fun… and Mom loved using her creative juices to decorate! Thanks, Pinterest!
IMG_0630¬†At age 2, I’m not sure how much kids really understand what is going on; at this point, maybe it is still more for the parents and families.
Sean did say “Oh Wow” and “Oh Boy” a couple of times while opening his gifts… maybe it was just the thought of seeing new things?

This kid never ceases to amaze me – he continues to talk, sing and learn new things all the time. I add new words from around the house every week- in the garage, we’ve accomplished car, stroller, bike, ladder, steps and door… we’re working on refrigerator now.
He has a newfound love for Little Baby Bum videos on YouTube. They have videos stacked back to back featuring The Wheels on the Bus, ABC, London Bridge, This Old Man… and even a few I haven’t heard of. He sings along -sort of- to the ABC song… and when I try to sing with him, he waves me away and says nooo. It’s just hilarious.

Speaking of YouTube, I always swore I’d never let my kid play with my phone. But these days, I let him watch videos for a little while each day. They videos are previewed, and I’m not worried about what he’s watching – maybe he’s learning new things… learning a little about technology at a young age…. giving Mom and Dad just a bit of extra quiet time/sanity… just as long as it doesn’t go overboard – I think we’re okay.








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