Not my problem…

Yesterday I sent this ‘complaint’ to a friend… then I realized… if I actually took the time to type out my complaints like I did with this one… I could revive my blog! Maybe… it’s an idea.
Perhaps a New Year’s Resolution??

Be prepared….
It’s a Monday bitch session…

So – the mail came to the office today… and I went thru it all… and went to distribute Christmas cards to employees that received them today —
One guy’s computer monitor was soooo dusty, I don’t know how he works!
I saw him in the hall on my way back – and said “You got a Christmas card – and ugh, I don’t know how you work with that dusty monitor!” He said, “I’m going to clean it NOW! Hahaha.”

(Let me preface this by saying that I was in the kitchen and there is one half of a paper towel on the roll in the kitchen – I noticed this at lunch – but… I brought my lunch, and have my own napkins. AND, since i am ALWAYS the one going to replace paper towels and toilet paper around here… I decided to LEAVE it for someone else – for once.)

Anyway – he goes into the kitchen, and I hear… “Maybe not. No paper towels.” Hmph. And then he says, “Ah hah – here we go!”
I said, Can you check how many rolls are still in storage? He replies… “Nah – I got some from the bathroom.”

ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME?! You lazy freakin’ asses.
I will not replace those damn paper towels.

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  1. Steven says:

    I wonder WHO that could be?!!!

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