Rescue Me!

One month ago, Perry Alvarez came to live with us.
He is a poodle mix from Georgia Poodle Rescue in Milton, GA. We are so excited to have him in our lives!

Have you ever tried to adopt a pet? Geez. A very extensive application and a home visit… and finally we were approved. (But they’ll let anyone have a kid!)

Perry will be 4 in April, they say… he seems to really like us so far… he’s adopted the Steelers Blanket as his own when he lays on the couch… he enjoys sleeping on the bed… he doesn’t mind riding in the car – and seems to like being at work all day with us!
Having a young dog is so different for us – Perry is full-of-life… he practically walks us… plays with toys and (sort-of) fetches a tennis ball… he loves laps and just about everyone he’s met so far.
His only downfall – he is afraid of cameras… or anything that looks like a camera – he is definitely not photogenic, in fact, he turns his head or hides when we try to take his picture. So that’s a future goal for us…

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  1. Robin says:

    He looks like a sweet little lamb.

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